These pages have been designed to help both 2nd line and 3rd line in resolving queries. If there is anything you know about that keeps cropping up and is not highlighted on these pages please drop me an email.

The Database is broken down into four sections, section one for Screens, eg. GD, GP , BA etc, Section two is for AJ jobs relating to finance, Section three FJ Jobs, eg. FJ-GSUM, FJ-NMPP etc and finally section four relates to standard finance utilities, eg. Finexmen menus and related applications.

The Finance Support Rota consists of Jason Scott, Louis Gregory, Will Pyne and Liam Quiqley all taking turns to cover support for a week, please adhere to the rota for the benefit of us all.



Finance Rota w/c 19th October :-

1st Contact - Louis Gregory - 01392 206871 (Monday & Tuesday)

                                         07796 695054 (Wednesday to Friday)

2nd Contact - Liam Quiqley - 01392 206048 (All Week)

Please only contact the designated contacts above.

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